Tooth Extractions | Hickory, North Carolina

If you need tooth extractions in Hickory, North Carolina, Oakwood Dental Arts NC is here for you. We work with you to come up with solutions that work for you, whether that means a tooth extraction or not. If your tooth is causing you pain, we recommend calling right away to discuss treatment options.

Why might I need a tooth pulled?

There are several reasons that you might need a tooth pulled. Here are some common reasons for tooth extractions:

The tooth is too damaged to recover.

Regular checkups and dental cleanings are to help keep your teeth and oral hygiene in good shape. If you have not had good dental hygiene for a long period of time, the tooth may become too decayed, damaged or infected to save with a filling, root canal or antibiotics. In these cases, the tooth often causes a lot of discomfort or pain, so a tooth extraction provides pain-relief.

You have a crowded mouth.

If your teeth are too big for your mouth, you might need one or more pulled to make more room so that things aren’t too crowded. You may need a tooth pulled if you have any extra teeth as well.

You have a stubborn baby tooth.

Baby teeth normally fall out on their own, but sometimes they need some extra help. However, removal is not always necessary. Talk with Dr. McKinney about tooth extractions in Hickory, North Carolina as well as other possible treatments.

What can I do to replace missing teeth?

If you’re missing permanent teeth, the problem is often both cosmetic and physical. Chewing, swallowing and speaking can become difficult. Luckily, there are ways to replace missing teeth, whether they were removed from a tooth extraction or not. We have several options that can meet any budget and patient desire whether it is a dental implant, dental bridge, or denture. Let us help you find what will work best for you. Check out our cosmetic dentist services.

If you think that you might need tooth extractions in Hickory, North Carolina, contact Oakwood Dental Arts NC right away by calling 828-324-6235 or emailing admin@oakwoodentalartsnc.com.