Schedule a Dental Cleaning Appointment | Hickory, North Carolina

Have you called to schedule your dental cleaning appointment in Hickory, North Carolina? Oakwood Dental Arts NC provides teeth cleanings and checkups for the whole family. We are committed to maintaining and creating well-crafted smiles. Here are some common questions patients have about their dental cleanings.

Why should I get my teeth cleaned professionally?

Dental cleanings are essential for your overall and oral health. Teeth cleanings remove buildup of tartar and plaque that normal brushing might not get to, protecting you from gum disease, cavities and other complications.

What happens at a dental cleaning?

A hygienist will clean your teeth to remove tartar and plaque buildup. Next, they will floss your teeth and measure the gums for signs of disease. Your hygienist can tell you areas of the mouth that you need to clean better or put more focus on. If any bleeding or other problems are found, you may discuss treatment options as well.

How often should I schedule a dental cleaning appointment?

If you showed any signs of gum disease, it is recommended that you get a dental cleaning every three months or more. If you are simply maintaining good oral hygiene, it’s generally recommended to have an appointment every six months. Talk with your dentist about what works for you. Scheduling one is easier when your dentist is local. If you need a dental cleaning in Hickory, North Carolina, Oakwood Dental Arts NC is here to service the patients of our town and surrounding areas.

How can I maintain my oral health afterwards?

At-home care for your teeth is crucial. To maintain your teeth, you need to brush and floss at least twice each day. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and avoid sugary foods like candy that can cause damage. Dental cleanings are key to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile. If you need to schedule your dental cleaning appointment in Hickory, North Carolina, contact Oakwood Dental Arts NC by calling 828-324-6235 or emailing mckinneydds@OakwoodDentalArtsNC.com to make your appointment.