Adjusting to dentures takes time and practice. If your dentist has recommended dentures to you, then your adjustment period is definitely worth the effort.

At Oakwood Dental Arts NC, it is our job to give you a beautiful, well-crafted smile that gives you back your confidence. For those who need dentures in Hickory, North Carolina, we are proud to provide this dental service.

We have helped many adjust to dentures, and our patients are very happy with the results. Here are some of our tips to adjusting to dentures that we give our patients.

Getting Comfortable

Follow your dentist’s orders for how long to wear your dentures during the breaking-in period. Their advice is ideal to getting comfortable wearing your dentures without over wearing them and creating sore spots that can easily turn to infection.

Eating with Dentures

Eating with dentures is an adjustment for most. Getting used to the way the supports feel against your gums while chewing can take some time.
Making sure that your dentures fit perfectly snug but comfortable is key. There should be no slippage as you try to chew. If you find your dentures slipping or sliding at all, call your dentist office right away for an adjustment.

Speaking with Dentures

Speaking with dentures will take a bit of time and practice. In your spare time, try reading a book out loud while wearing your dentures to practice talking and help your muscles adjust to speech with dentures.

Taking Care of Dentures

How to care for your dentures can be another concern. Brush your dentures daily with soapy water that has no abrasive materials and keep them moist by putting them in a cup of water when you aren’t using them.

Do not use toothpaste on dentures as it can wear away the natural look of the denture teeth and affect the color. Other than that, just be sure to continue seeing your dentist regularly to check your gums to ensure there is no infection.


Eat, speak, and smile with confidence with dentures in Hickory, North Carolina. Our dentist office offers custom comfort for your dentures by molding them specifically to your jawbone. Ask us about long-lasting, stain-resistant dentures that can fit your budget by calling 828-324-6235 or emailing mckinneydds@OakwoodDentalArtsNC.com.